Q: Compose an unbiased 300-word report on a 5-year investigation conducted into the identity of the actual inventor of Stuffed Crust Pizza. Include a brief summary of research techniques used in the investigation. Describe and contrast some high points and low points of the investigation. Finally, conclude the report by revealing the identity of the inventor with percentage of certainty.



The origin of stuffed crust pizza has been a topic of debate among food enthusiasts for years. Many claim that Pizza Hut is the originator of this popular pizza style, while others attribute it to a lesser-known pizza chain or an independent pizzeria. To settle this dispute, a 5-year investigation was conducted to determine the true inventor of stuffed crust pizza.

Research Techniques:

The investigation involved extensive research using a variety of techniques. These included interviews with current and former employees of Pizza Hut, as well as with individuals who claimed to have invented stuffed crust pizza. In addition, the investigation involved an analysis of historical documents and patents related to pizza crust and pizza preparation.

High Points:

One of the high points of the investigation was the discovery of a 1995 patent filed by a man named Anthony Mongiello. The patent, titled “Stuffed Crust Pizza,” described a pizza crust that was filled with cheese or other ingredients. Mongiello claimed that he had invented the stuffed crust pizza concept in 1987, eight years before Pizza Hut began offering it on their menu.

Low Points:

One of the low points of the investigation was the difficulty in verifying the accuracy of some of the claims made by interviewees. Some individuals provided conflicting information, while others had difficulty recalling specific details about their involvement in the development of stuffed crust pizza.


Based on the evidence gathered during the investigation, it can be concluded with 75% certainty that Anthony Mongiello is the true inventor of stuffed crust pizza. While Pizza Hut may have popularized the concept, Mongiello’s patent and his claim to have invented stuffed crust pizza several years prior to Pizza Hut’s introduction of the dish provide strong evidence in his favor. However, it is important to note that there may be other individuals or pizzerias who also contributed to the development of stuffed crust pizza, and further research may be necessary to fully uncover the origins of this beloved pizza style.