Stuffed Crust Pizza History

Patent Photos

Photos from 1982 Demonstrating the Method for Making
Stuffed Crust Pizza

Photos Copyright Anthony T. Mongiello

These seven 8” x 10” photo prints from 1982 track seven basic steps of Anthony T. Mongiello’s method of making his stuffed crust pizza. Anthony was 18 at the time. This version shows sausage & peppers being stuffed in the crust. In two of the photos Anthony uses one of his circular plastic templates – shown alone and then placed on the dough base. Slices of sausage & strips of peppers are placed in the template openings where the “stuffed crust” portions will be. Subsequent photos reveal the template removed, the crust folded over the sausage & peppers all around and the pizza toppings added. Then finally, the pizza is cooked.

These two snapshots from 1982 present an early attempt at making a stuffed crust pizza in a friend’s kitchen. The crust can be seen as being far thicker and wider than in later versions. The crust is being opened by Anthony to expose the delicious contents stuffed inside. This is an early, but successful, experiment.